Sunday, May 24, 2009


With our extended family in 5 different states, we decided to start an "e-story". Reminiscent of a chain letter, we wrote chapter 1 (we brainstormed over dinner) and emailed it on to the next family. They added a chapter and forwarded it on until all the families had a chance to add to our tale.

Each chapter developed characters, introduced villains, created hero's, and took more turns than a pile of spaghetti and meatballs! It was a fun project that our whole family participated in.

How To:

One family writes chapter 1 introducing characters/setting, etc.
Make the plot simple and open-ended.

E-mail your chapter to the next family. They will email your chapter and their chapter to the next family.

E-mail a schedule of who mails to whom and a time limit (this keeps the story moving-we gave everyone a week)

Do It Again! Try this with a group of friends. Try this within your immediate family. Let Dad, Mom, and all the kids each take a turn or two adding to the story!

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