Monday, November 2, 2009

Fabulous Fans

Have the wintertime blahs? Need a new way to make school interesting? Put this simple idea into practice and let the kids run with it!

You may have seen them in the stores, now make fantastic information fan books at home! The fun shape and small writing area won’t intimidate even hesitant writers. You can teach your students to use bullet points for key information.


  1. Cut paper into strips (2” x 8 ½ “).
  2. Punch a hole in the bottom of all strips, in the same place.
  3. Use one strip to make a title.
  4. On the top of each of the other strips, draw a picture or use clip art of a famous person you are studying. Cut and glue on.
  5. Write the name on the card.
  6. Cut around the top of the person’s head, leaving the bottom part connected to the card for stability, optional.
  7. Put a metal brad through the hole in all of the paper strips
  8. Students write information about one person per card.

This format can be used for art, history, scripture heroes, science, music, the States, etc. It is an easy way to write down quick facts you want to remember.

We made Colonial History fans when we learned about Early America. The kids loved filling in their fan with information about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abigail Adams, and Benjamin Franklin.

More Fabulous Fan Ideas:

  • Famous Romans
  • Famous Artists
  • Artwork from a museum
  • Famous Scientific theories
  • Musicians of Europe
  • Animals of the Rainforest
  • My Family

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  1. Having a hard time visualizing this. Can you post a pic?