Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank You Cards

The art and tradition of writing thank you notes has been lost in our information-age, computer-driven society. Yet, they are one of the nicest ways to show your appreciation! Help your kids write notes of gratitude for the gifts they receive.

Here are some hints to remember:
Have note cards handy! Keep them easy to see and reach in your writing area.
Take a photo of the gift and send it too. (Don’t let the photo sit in your camera—print it out and send it!)
Teach by example. Write thank you cards for gifts that you receive!

Here are some important elements of a good thank you card:
Greet them (Dear Grandma, is appropriate)
Thank them for the gift (tangible or not)
Tell them something nice about the gift and how you will use it. (The hand-knit scarf will come in handy this winter!)
Mention the past and (something like: your gift reminds me of the fun time we spent together last summer)
Mention the future (for example: I hope that we will see you again soon!)
Thank you (yes it’s good to say it again!)
Regards (make the closing simple) That’s it! Now address your envelope, seal and stick the stamp!

For your new “Thank You Note” enthusiasts, you may want to buy or make an inexpensive address book for children or students. Make some cards, add a book of stamps and envelopes, and you’ve made a “Thank You Note” Kit!

One mother I know gets the whole family involved! She writes the thank you note and then family members sign their name (no matter how young). Her thoughtful notes are always appreciated, and what a great example she is setting for her sons.

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